28 December 2007

My own pop culture vulture

Ethan is now 6 1/2 years old - time, I am realizing, that he is getting into things on his own, things I don't even know he knows about. Luckily, I'm not talking about anything bad, in fact, this past week has been one delightful revelation after another. It all began a few days ago, as we were driving in the car. I had one of the cooler radio station in the Bay Area, KFOG, on, and the opening riff of the Stray Cats' "Rock This Town" began to play. A small voice from the back seat popped up - "Mommy, I know this!" I thought to myself, Sure, he's probably heard it before a time or two. Then Brian Setzer - and Ethan - began to sing. The kid knew every single word - and even sang a bit of the guitar solo. I looked over my shoulder at one point to see him playing his air bass (he prefers to pluck strings a la Adam Clayton and Sting, instead of strumming, and on this song, who wouldn't?) and rocking out, as much as one can while confined by a seat belt. I asked where he learned it, and he said from one of his Cars games. Who knew? Need I tell you that E was thrilled to learn the band's name - he's always been a cat lover ;-)

Yesterday, Ethan and my mom were discussing Britney Spears and Martha Stewart. Martha was on the Today show demonstrating something when Ethan walked in and said, "Oh, that's the lady who got her kids taken away." My mom was puzzled, so she questioned him some more. Ethan went on to say, "You know, she's a really bad driver, so they took her kids away to keep them safe." "Do you mean Britney Spears?" my mom asked. "Oh yeah, I meant Britney Spears - that lady is Martha Stewart." I think this might possibly be the first time anyone, anywhere, has confused Martha and Brit. Oh how I'd love to see their faces if they knew this - I'm sure both would be horrified!

Finally, this AM Ethan showed mastery of more current pop music, too, singing along with Peter, Bjorn & John's "Young Folks."

I remember singing "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," alongside my friend Penny Ehrles, when I was 6 1/2 - it's nice that E is developing some sense of pop music too. Now, I must devise a plan to transfer my absurd love for George Michael and Wham! to him - that may prove more difficult...

23 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

We're in full Christmas Mode here, and enjoyed going out to see the light this evening. Nothing is as cool as the lights here, run by a guy Mitch used to work with (before working with Mitch, he was a guitar player for Pink Floyd - somehow, given the Pink Floyd laser light show cliche, this all seems to fit, doesn't it?).

Check out his web site, and, if you're in he Bay Area, check out the show in person - the video from last year (below) doesn't do it justice!

Christmas Lights Timed To Music

06 December 2007

Total crap!

I'm attempting to grade students' outlines for their final papers, but am finding it more challenging that I'd like. Why, you may ask? Because I get crap like this:

English in America was the first language to speak by the British

This was followed by:

The language between English and the British are different in a way but, their minor


05 December 2007

03 December 2007

It was 20 years ago today...

I have an insane ability to remember the dates of all (major) concerts I've ever attended. This is why I sucked at chemistry in high school and upper-level Russian classes in college, cos this info is crowding out the other stuff.

Anyhoo, it occurred to me this morning that it was Dec 3, twenty years. to the day from my first grown-up-free rock concert. (Though looking back on it, I must use the term "rock" loosely.) My friend from 8th grade, Julie (who later went on to be my Maid of Honor) and I went to see none other than Richard Marx, at the Mabee Center in Tulsa. Oh how we looked forward to it! Within the year I was attending much "cooler" shows, like Bon Jovi (with Skid Row opening - remember them?), but nothing really compared to the months-long anticipation of that first-ever concert.

02 December 2007

Def. not in Kansas (or OK, or NC) anymore...

I've been loving the weather here in No Cal, but it only truly hit home for me how different it is from everywhere else we've ever lived this past Friday. I'd taken Ethan to school and no sooner had we entered the school yard (where all the kids play until the AM bell rings and they walk to their classes together), when the girl who sits next to him can running up saying "Ethan, Ethan! You've gotta come see - there's ICE on the PLAYGROUND!!!!" They both went running off to see the wondrous event. I walked ove and was greatly amused to see probably 50 kids crammed into about a 40 sq. ft section of the cork that lies below all the playground equipment "skating" on the "ice." From the looks of the excitement on their faces, it might have been the first time any of them had ever experienced "ice" before. Not a coat was in sight, I don't need to tell you. Was it ice? I'm not even sure - it seemed like a thin layer of frost to me, but it was enough that no one had to pick up their tennis shoes or sandals make the feet move.

After returning home form the ice event, I heard that the middle of the country was experiencing a blizzard. I think I'll take our icy cork flooring any day!